§ 48.99 PENALTIES.
   (A)   Any act constituting a violation of this chapter or failure to comply with any of its provisions shall subject the offender upon conviction to a fine as follows:
      (1)   1st offense, $25.
      (2)   2nd offense, $75.
      (3)   3rd offense, $150 plus simultaneous revocation of permit and impoundment of the golf cart.
   (B)   New Palestine Police will have the right to revoke any permit that has been issued if operators fail to comply with any and all requirements set forth in this chapter.
   (C)   Underage operators found to be using or operating a golf cart in violation of this chapter will immediately have the permit revoked and possibly have the golf cart impounded until such time as a proper owner may take possession and transport the golf cart without violating the provisions of this chapter. The owner of the golf cart will be responsible for any expense incurred due to impoundment of the golf cart.
(Ord. 071917, passed 8-5-2017)