(A)   The town shall make and enforce such by-laws and regulations as may be deemed necessary for the safe, economical and efficient management of the town's sewage system, pumping stations and sewage treatment works, for the construction and use of house sewers and connections to the sewage system, and for the regulations, collection, rebating and refunding of such rates and charges.
   (B)   The town is authorized to prohibit dumping of wastes into the town's sewage system which, in its discretion, are deemed harmful to the operation of the sewage treatment works or to require methods affecting pretreatment of the wastes to comply with the pretreatment standards included in the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued to the town for the treatment plant.
(1989 Code, § 31.09) (Ord. SR-83, passed 10-11-1987)