General Zoning Provisions   1
Rules And Definitions   2
Administration And Enforcement   3
Conditional Use Permits   3A
Variances   3B
Amendments   3C
Appeals   3D
Design Review   4
Zoning Districts And Boundaries   5
A Agricultural District   6
Residential Districts   7
R-1 Residential District   7A
R-2 Medium Density Residential District   7B
R-3 High Density Residential District   7C
Commercial Districts   8
C General Commercial District   8A
   CBD Central Business District   8B
   BRD Business/Residential District   8C
I Industrial District   9
Mobile Home Parks   10
Supplementary Zoning Regulations   11
Off-Street Parking And Loading   12
Nonconformities   13
Condominiums And Condominium Conversions   14
Application And Approval   14A
Condominium Conversions   14B
Design Standards   14C
Development Agreements   15