The Council shall consider all findings of fact pertaining to an application for tax abatement.
   (A)   The Council, in its deliberations, may, pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-12.1-2, give consideration to the following general standards to determine if:
      (1)   The proposed use of the real estate for which a deduction is being sought is consistent with the land use policies contained in the New Haven Comprehensive Land and Strategic Economic Plan adopted by the Council;
      (2)   The deduction will assist in the inducement of a project that will result in the retention and/or creation of substantial employment opportunities relative to the value of the investment;
      (3)   The deduction will encourage the use of vacant or under-utilized land or improvement or replacement of a deteriorated or obsolete structure designated as appropriate for industrial or commercial development;
      (4)   The deduction will encourage the improvement or replacement of deteriorated or obsolete manufacturing and/or research and development and/or logistical distribution and/or information technology equipment; or
      (5)   The deduction will assist in the inducement of a project which would provide long-term benefits to the tax base of the City of New Haven and Allen County warranting the granting of abatement.
   (B)   In all instances, the Council shall find that evidence has been provided either in the application or during the public hearing that the real estate proposed for designation is either in an area "which has become undesirable for, or impossible of, normal development and occupancy because of a lack of development, cessation of growth, deterioration of improvements or character of occupancy, age, obsolescence, substandard buildings, or other factors which have impaired values or prevent a normal development of property or use of property" or "where a facility or a group of facilities that are technologically, economically, or energy obsolete are located and where the obsolescence may lead to a decline in employment and tax revenues."
   (C)   The Council shall not consider an application for designation, unless a waiver of noncompliance has been granted pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-12.1-11.3, if prior to the filing of the application:
      (1)   An improvement location permit has been filed for the project at the City of New Haven Planning Department;
      (2)   A building permit for the subject rehabilitation has been filed for the project at the Allen County Building Department; or
      (3)   Equipment for which a deduction is being sought has been installed (as defined in Indiana Administrative Code Title 50 Department of Local Government Finance, Article 4.2 Assessment of Tangible Personal Property).
(Ord. G-20-01, passed 3-3-2020)