(A)   Creation of Commission. There is created the “New Haven Redevelopment Commission” to act with the duties and responsibilities described in I.C. 37-1-14-1, and following as the same is now written and is from time to time amended.
(Prior Code, § 34.60)
   (B)   Membership.
      (1)   The city’s Redevelopment Commission shall be controlled by five members, each to serve for one year from the first day of January following his or her appointment or until replaced by a duly appointed and qualified member.
      (2)   Three of the members shall be appointed by the Mayor and two of the members shall be appointed by the Common Council.
(Prior Code, § 34.61)
   (C)   Official bond. The city’s is duly authorized to purchase a blanket position bond covering all members of the city’s Redevelopment Commission.
(Prior Code, § 34.62)
(Ord. G-06-11, passed 1-9-2007)