The Board of Public Works and Safety shall have full power and authority to determine the fee for any license or permit to be charged to any person, firm or corporation that may file a written request to sponsor a public gathering, conduct a show, demonstration, fair, carnival, street fair, sporting event, exhibition, exhibit, conduct amusement facilities, sell food or merchandise or any other matter connected with activities to be conducted during a “city festival period”. However, all fees for licenses and permits must be uniform and reasonable for similar and like activities, and are to include a sufficient amount to reimburse the city for any additional costs and expenses it may incur by reason of the furnishing of fire protection, police protection, traffic control, crowd control, utility services and coordinating the same. All licenses and permits shall be issued by the Board of Public Works and Safety, and any fees collected therefor shall be paid to the city.
(Prior Code, § 98.03) (Ord. G-83-27, passed 10-11-1983; Ord. G-85-18, passed 8-13-1985)