(A)   Each person, firm or corporation regularly engaged in the laying, relaying and repairing of sidewalks shall be required to deposit $10 in cash, and shall give a liability bond in the sum of $500. The liability bond shall save the city harmless from any loss or expenditure in any manner arising from the conduct of any person, firm or corporation in laying, relaying or repairing sidewalks; from any loss or damage which may arise by reason of any obstruction, excavation, barrier guards or other objects or materials placed or deposited in the streets during the progress of the work; or the expense of removing the same and cleaning streets or sidewalks; and any loss or damage arising from acts of negligence or default of the person, firm or corporation.
   (B)   The contractor shall be required to furnish a maintenance bond in an amount equal to 50% of the contract price. The maintenance bond shall insure that:
      (1)   Sidewalks layed, relayed or repaired will remain in good condition to the satisfaction of the Common Council or the City Engineer for a full period of three years from the laying, relaying or repairing; and
      (2)   Upon appearance of any defects, disintegration or default in the sidewalk due to any acts, omission or default of the one laying it, the sidewalk shall be immediately repaired and restored to a good and proper condition to the satisfaction of the Common Council or the City Engineer, as to such defects as may appear at any time within the period of three years of the year of laying, relaying or repair of said sidewalks.
   (C)   The liability bond and the cash deposit, less any expense which may have been charged against them by the city, shall be returned whenever the person, firm or corporation entitled to lay, relay or repair sidewalks shall have completed the work to the satisfaction of the Common Council or the City Engineer.
   (D)   Property owners desiring to do their own work must comply with § 93.01 and this section of this chapter; except that, the maintenance bond will not be required.
(Prior Code, § 94.02)  (Ord. 507, passed 6-3-1925; Ord. passed 7-10-1925)  Penalty, see § 93.99