(A)   Creation of Department. A new department to be known and designated as the “New Haven Department of Economic Development” is created.
(Prior Code, § 31.01)
   (B)   Commission members.
      (1)   The Department of Economic Development shall be under the control of a commission of five members to be known as the “New Haven Economic Development Commission”, and this Commission shall be constituted and appointed and have the powers and duties provided by law.
      (2)   The five Commission members shall be appointed as follows:
         (a)   The Mayor shall nominate three members;
         (b)   The Common Council shall nominate one member; and
         (c)   The County Council shall nominate one member. All members shall be appointed by the Mayor.
(Prior Code, § 31.02)
(Ord. G-2-77, passed 1-31-1977; Ord. G-84-23, passed 10-9-1984)