The following streets are hereby designated as truck route streets:
All United States highways, interstate highways and state roads within the city limits
Adams Center Road
From Landin Road to Lincoln Highway
Dawkins Road
Edgerton Road
Between N&S tracks right-of-way, east to the current city limits
Edgerton Road
Between N&S tracks and South Webster Road
Estella Avenue
Between Old Maumee Road and Nelson Road
Hartzell Road
Landin Road
Lincoln Highway
Linden Road
Main Street
Between Hartzell Road and the Norfolk Southern Railroad Crossing
Maumee Road
From Meyer Road to Estella Avenue
Meyer Road
Minnich Road
Moeller Road
From Adams Center Road, west to the corporate limits
Nelson Road
New Haven Avenue
Rose Avenue
From Linden Road to the east city limits
Ryan Road
Summit Street
From Linden Road, east to terminus
(Prior Code, Ch. 72, Schd. V)  (Res. R-99-3, passed 4-6-1999; Ord. G-00-13, passed 12-12-2000; Res. R-05-02, passed 7-5-2005; Res. R-13-03, passed 3-19-2013; Res. R-16-02, passed 6-7-2016; Res. R-17-01, passed 6-20-2017; Res. R-18-1, passed 10-2-2018)