(A)   (1)   If, in the opinion of any customer, any decision by or on behalf of the city with regard to this chapter is inaccurate or incorrect, the customer shall have the right to appeal that decision by filing a written statement of appeal with the Board of Public Works and Safety.
      (2)   The Board shall then schedule the matter on the agenda for its next scheduled meeting at which time it will hear the complaint and make a decision with respect to the complaint.
      (3)   The Board shall issue a written determination which shall be considered administratively final.
      (4)   The pendency of any complaint or any appeal therefrom shall not relieve the customer from liability for payment of any service.
   (B)   Any disputes or charges with respect to the service provided by the contractor, including billing, shall be a matter between the owner or user and the contractor.
(Ord. G-16-8, passed 11-22-2016)