§ 50.03  TAP CHARGE.
   (A)   A tap charge shall be collected from each customer prior to connection to the water system, in an amount sufficient to reimburse the city for labor, material and overhead necessary for tapping the main, installation of service from the main to the property line (including the curb stop) and the cost of the furnishing and installing a suitable water meter.
   (B)   The Board of Public Works and Safety of the city shall, by resolution, establish the charges to be made by the city waterworks to the users thereof for the furnishing of water meters and the connections or tap charges to the water mains of the city waterworks.
   (C)   The property owner shall be liable for all costs and charges that may be required for obtaining necessary highway and other permits to make a water tap to the user’s premises.
Water Meter Size
3/4-inch bronze meter with radio remote
1-inch bronze meter with radio remote
1-1/2-inch bronze meter with radio remote
2-inch bronze meter with radio remote
Water Tap Size
3/4-inch short tap
3/4-inch long tap
1-inch short tap
1-inch long tap
1-1/2-inch short tap
1-1/2-inch long tap
2-inch short tap
2-inch long tap
Long tap charges are for connections crossing streets
(Prior Code, § 50.03)  (Ord. G-95-2, passed 3-28-1995; Res. R-01-2, passed 8-7-2001; Res. R-03-1, passed 10-21-2003)