The Mayor shall appoint an advisory council, known as the “City Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council”, which shall exercise general supervision over planning a civil defense and disaster program.
   (A)   The city’s Chief of Police and Fire Chief shall be members of this Council.
   (B)   Members of the Board of Public Works and Safety shall be members of this Council.
   (C)   The city’s Works Superintendent shall be a member of this Council.
   (D)   From time to time, the Mayor may appoint to the Council private citizens and representatives of those volunteer organizations and city offices and departments deemed appropriate for effective civil defense and disaster preparedness planning. All appointments shall be for one year, unless otherwise provided for by the Mayor.
   (E)   The Director of Emergency Preparedness shall be a permanent member of the Advisory Council.
   (F)   The Council shall elect its own officers: President; Vice President; and Secretary; and shall meet as necessary to effectively plan a civil defense and disaster program.
(Prior Code, § 35.04) (Ord. G-86-2, passed 2-11-1986)