(A)   Applicants must apply for kennel permits with the New Castle/Henry County Animal Shelter. 
   (B)   In addition to indicating whether the applicant has been convicted of cruelty to animals or has ever had an animal deemed to be vicious, the application must include:
      (1)   A statement that the applicant complies and will comply with the regulations promulgated under authority of § 90.59(B);
      (2)   The number, breed, color, and sex of each dog or cat held; and
      (3)   The location in the city at which the animals will be housed as of the time of application.
   (C)   If the applicant withholds or falsifies any information, no permit shall be issued; and any permit issued upon false or withheld information shall be null and void. 
   (D)   No person who has been convicted of cruelty of animals or has ever had an animal deemed vicious shall be issued a permit.
   (E)   (1)   If the proposed or existing site of the kennel is not located in an area zoned for kennels, the application will not be accepted. 
      (2)   If not accepted because of zoning, the applicant must then, within a period of two months, apply to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance, and if such variance is granted, and all other requirements are met, the application shall be accepted.
(Ord. 2452, passed 5-l7-82; Am. Ord. 2707, passed 4-4-88; Am. Ord. 3503, passed 3-5-07; Am. Ord. 3766, passed 4-3-17)