For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   “ABANDONMENT.” To leave an animal at a location without providing minimum care.
   "AMATEUR BREEDER."  Any person, not a commercial animal establishment, who allows his dog or cat to breed with another and does not keep the offspring.
   "ANIMAL."  Any live, nonhuman vertebrate creature, domestic or wild.
   "ANIMAL SHELTER."  Any facility operated by a humane society or municipal agency, or its authorized agents, for the purpose of impounding or caring for animals held under the authority of this chapter or state law.
   "AT LARGE."  Any animal shall be deemed "AT LARGE" when it is not under restraint.
   "AUCTION."  Any place or facility where animals are regularly bought, sold, or traded, except for those facilities otherwise defined in this chapter.
   "CIRCUS."  A commercial variety show featuring animal acts for public entertainment.
   "COMMERCIAL ANIMAL ESTABLISHMENT."  Any pet shop, auction, riding school or stable, zoological park, circus, or performing animal exhibition.
   "DOMESTIC ANIMAL."  Any animal that is a member of one of the following species:
      (1)   Dog;
      (2)   Cat;
      (3)   Cattle;
      (4)   Horse;
      (5)   Donkey;
      (6)   Pig;
      (7)   Sheep;
      (8)   Goat;
      (9)   Rabbit;
      (10)   Mouse;
      (11)   Rat;
      (12)   Guinea pig;
      (13)   Chinchilla;
      (14)   Hamster;
      (15)   Gerbil;
      (16)   Ferret.
   "HARBORING."  The actions of any person that permit any animal habitually to remain, lodge, or to be fed within his home, store, enclosure, yard, place of business, or any premises on which such person resides or controls.  An animal shall be presumed harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three consecutive days.
   "KENNEL."  An establishment wherein any person engages in boarding, breeding, buying, keeping, letting for hire, training for a fee, or selling dogs or cats.  Anyone keeping a total of five or more dogs or cats, four months of age or older, shall be deemed a kennel operator.
   "OWNER."  Any person owning, keeping, or harboring one or more animals.
   "PERFORMING ANIMAL EXHIBITION."  Any spectacle, display, act, or event other than circuses, in which performing animals are used.
   "PERSON."  Any individual, firm, association, joint-stock company, syndicate, partnership, or corporation.
   "PET."  Any animal kept for pleasure rather than utility.
   "PET SHOP."  Any person, whether separately or in connection with another business enterprise except for a kennel, that buys, sells, or boards any species of animal.
   "PUBLIC NUISANCE."  Any animal or animals that:
      (1)   Molest passersby or passing vehicles;
      (2)   Attack other animals;
      (3)   Damage public property or private property;
      (4)   Bark, whine, or howl in an excessive or continuous fashion; or
      (5)   Defecate on property other than that of the owner.
   "RESEARCH LABORATORY."  Any animal research facility registered with the United States Department of Agriculture, under authority of the Federal Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, 71 U.S.C. §§ 2132 et seq.
   "RESTRAINT."  The securing of an animal by a leash or lead, or confining it within the real property limits of its owner.
   "RIDING SCHOOL" or "STABLE."  Any place that has available for hire, boarding, or riding instruction, any horse, pony, donkey, mule, or burro.
   "STRAY."  Any animal that does not appear upon reasonable inquiry, to have an owner.
   "VETERINARY HOSPITAL."  Any establishment maintained and operated by a veterinarian for surgery, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries of animals.
   "VICIOUS ANIMAL."  Any animal that by its behavior constitutes an immediate and serious physical threat to human beings or animals.
   "WILD ANIMAL."  Any animal that is not a domestic animal, with the exceptions of small, nonpoisonous aquatic or amphibious animals, and small cage birds.
   "ZOOLOGICAL PARK."  Any facility, other than a pet shop or kennel, displaying or exhibiting, without the predominant purpose of selling, one or more species of non-domesticated animals, and operated by a person or government agency.
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