1066.01   Cemetery Superintendent; duties.
1066.02   Additional employees. (Repealed)
1066.03   Interments and disinterments. (Repealed)
1066.04   Additional fees; days interment prohibited. (Repealed)
1066.05   Maintenance of roadway; flower receptacles, plantings, and other decorations.
1066.06   Sale of lots.
1066.07   Law enforcement.
1066.08   Charges for lot purchase, opening and closing of graves, and cremations.
1066.09   Monies for perpetual care.
1066.10   Payment by installment; defaults.
1066.11   Sale, forfeiture or transfer of lots.
1066.12   Burial permits. (Repealed)
1066.13   Markers and headstones.
1066.14   Indigent burials.
1066.99   Penalty.
   Burials may be prohibited - see Ohio R.C. 759.05
   Management and control of cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. 759.09
   Union cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. 759.27 et seq.
   Burial permits - see Ohio R.C. 3705.24 et seq.
   Burial of indigent persons - see Ohio R.C. 5113.15