(A)   Service provided. Garbage and refuse collection service shall be provided to single-family and multi-family residences by the village contractor, but not to commercial or industrial properties.
   (B)   Collection time and container placement.
      (1)    Except as provided in division (E) below, garbage and recycling shall be placed in approved containers and placed at the curb or roadside by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day.
      (2)   After collection, containers shall be removed from the curb or roadside within 12 hours.  No pickup will be made on legal holidays, but will be made the following work day.
      (3)   All trash and recycling containers shall be stored between collection days at least level or behind the house/primary structure or behind the front of the house/primary structure, off the right of way.
   (C)   Container and bundle regulations.
      (1)   All securely wrapped garbage, cans, and paper refuse shall be placed in steel or plastic garbage cans with securely fitting lids or in sturdy plastic liners or bags securely tied;
      (2)   Newspapers and cardboard securely tied in bundles;
      (3)   Tree trimmings and branches, four-inch diameter maximum and not longer than five feet, securely tied and bundled;
      (4)   Small amounts of stone, rubble, earth, and sod, in containers only; and
      (5)   Small auto parts (e.g., mufflers), in containers only.
   (D)   Items not to be picked up.
      (1)   Large amounts of stone, concrete, rubber, earth, or sod;
      (2)   Containers over 30 gallons or over 50 pounds;
      (3)   Construction debris;
      (4)   Large auto parts (e.g., engine blocks, heads, and fenders);
      (5)   Tree trunks or stumps;
      (6)   Hazardous materials;
      (7)   Tires;
      (8)   Garbage or refuse strewn by animals or vandals prior to collection; and
      (9)   Lawn clippings and leaves.
   (E)   Special collection. Residents may arrange with the village contractor to pick up items not included in division (C) above for a charge established by the contractor.
(Prior Code, § 11.06) (Ord. 07-2018, passed 10-11-2018)