(A)   The County Transportation Committee (“CTC”) maintains a list prioritizing the paving of those roads for which the necessary rights-of-way/ easements have been acquired.
      (1)   Prioritization is based on a point system involving numerous criteria.
      (2)   Each road for which the required rights-of-way/easements are verified receives a total number of points based on these criteria.
      (3)   Public Works contacts the petitioning property owner once his or her road is officially assigned these points by the CTC.
   (B)   The petitioning property owner is provided a date-stamped list of roads meeting the right-of-way prerequisite, ranked according to the CTC's ranking/ prioritization system.
      (1)   This list will include, in ranked order, the county road that the petitioning property owner has requested be paved.
      (2)   At all times, the CTC's ranking/ prioritization document will remain a public document.
(Ord. 03-05-09, passed 4-5-2009)