§ 96.113 EUTHANASIA.
   (A)   All animals not adopted (whether surrendered as a stray or as an owned animal) may be humanely euthanized if the animal shelter needs kennel and cage space. An animal may also be euthanized if it has a health complication or a temperament that endangers Newberry County Animal Care and Control employees. All animals will be euthanized using a euthanasia solution so that they immediately go to sleep. After death, they will be packaged and transported to the county transfer station.
   (B)   Newberry County Animal Care and Control does not offer euthanasia as a public service. Persons wishing to have their animal euthanized must take it to a veterinarian.
   (C)   The provisions of Article 8 of Title 47 of the 1976 S.C. Code of laws, as amended, shall apply to the dogs and cats in the custody and control of Newberry County Animal Care and Control. This Article 8 of Title 47 sets forth the parameters relating to sterilization of dogs and cats. Any provisions set forth in this chapter which are more stringent than those set forth in Article 8 of Title 47 shall supercede the more lenient provisions and shall apply.
(Ord. 10-32-05, passed 10-5-2005; Am. Ord. 03-04-14, passed 4-16-2014)