It shall be unlawful for any dog, cat, or ferret within the County of Newberry over 4 months of age to not be inoculated against rabies (S.C. Code §§ 47-5-50(A) and 47-5-60.) According to the S.C. Rabies Control Act, proof of vaccination will be based on the presentation of rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian. This vaccination must be repeated annually, unless a longer life for the vaccine is specified by the licensed veterinarian on the signed certificate. The certificate must include the pet owner's name, address, and phone number, along with the pet's name, breed, age, gender, color, and the manufacturer and serial number of the vaccine, and a number to match a metal tag issued to the pet owner by the licensed veterinarian. The pet owner should be able to readily present the certificate for inspection to an Officer or Representative of Newberry County Animal Care and Control.
(Ord. 10-32-05, passed 10-5-2005)