(A)   Notice upon discovery. Whenever a release (other than an authorized release) of any hazardous material, in a quantity which exceeds the reportable quantity, occurs on any facilities of any kind, the person in charge, upon discovery of the release or evidence of there having been a release, even though it has apparently been controlled, shall immediately cause notice of the existence of the release, the circumstance of same and the location thereof to be given to the appropriate Fire Department.
   (B)   Emergency telephone number. The notice required by this section in New Albany and Floyd County shall be given by telephoning the appropriate Fire Department or such other emergency telephone number as may be designated. This call will meet the requirement of notifying local agencies. In addition, the notice will be made to the Indiana State Board of Health ((317) 633-0144) Environmental Emergency Response.
   (C)   Duty to control release. The requirements of this section shall not be construed to forbid any person on or about the facilities from using all diligence necessary to control the release prior to the notification to the appropriate fire department, especially if the efforts may result in the containment of the release and/or the abatement of extreme hazard to the employees or the general public. Delays in reporting releases due to in-house notification of off-site owners/supervisors shall not be acceptable and may result in penalties.
   (D)   Air releases. Accidental air releases in excess of the reportable quantities listed in Appendix A attached to Ord. G-87-193 and which is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein or, if unlisted, as prescribed by § 95.04 (releases that are required to be reported to state and federal authorities), shall be reported under the requirements of this section unless a different reportable quantity has been established under an approved HMPC Plan for the particular facility. In order to insure compliance with the notice requirement of division (A) above, any person required to prepare and submit a HMPC Plan for a facility pursuant to § 95.07 who possesses or stores at such facility hazardous materials that are a gas at standard temperature and pressure in quantities equal to or greater than the reportable quantity shall maintain at the facility a list of the materials. Any person required to maintain a list pursuant to this section may, in lieu thereof, incorporate the list in its HMPC Plan. Any list maintained pursuant to this section shall, upon request, be made available at the facility to representatives of the administering agencies.
   (E)   Duty to report to federal agencies. No statement contained in this section shall be construed to exempt or release any person from any other notification or reporting procedure required by any federal agency.
(Ord. G-87-193, passed 7-6-1987)