As required by statute, the following public records are exempted from public disclosure unless access to the records is specifically required by a state or federal statute or is ordered by a court under the rules of discovery:
   (A)   Those declared confidential by state statute;
   (B)   Those declared confidential by rule adopted by a public agency under specific authority to classify public records as confidential granted to the public agency by statute;
   (C)   Those records required to be kept confidential by federal law;
   (D)   Records containing trade secrets;
   (E)   Confidential financial information obtained, upon request, from a person. However, this does not include information that is filed with or received by a public agency pursuant to state statute;
   (F)   Information concerning research (including actual research documents) conducted under the auspices of an institution of higher education including information:
      (1)   Concerning any negotiations made with respect to the research; and
      (2)   Received from another party involved in the research.
   (G)   Grade transcripts and license examination scores obtained as part of a licensure process;
   (H)   Those declared confidential by or under rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Indiana;
   (I)   Patient medical records and charts created by a provider, unless the patient gives written consent under I.C. 16-39;
   (J)   Application information declared confidential by the Twenty-First Century Research and Technology Fund Board under I.C. 5-14-3; and
   (K)   A photograph, a video recording or an audio recording of an autopsy, except as provided in I.C. 36-2-14-10.
(Res. R-84-10, passed 4-2-1984)
Statutory reference:
   Certain records exempt from disclosure requirements, see I.C. 5-14-3-4(a)