If, within 30 days, the money or property recovered under § 34.10 is claimed by any person other than the person from whom the property was recovered from, it shall be retained by the custodian thereof until after the discharge or conviction of the person from whom it was taken, and so long as it may be required as evidence in any case in court. If the claimant establishes to the satisfaction of the court that he or she is the rightful owner, it shall be restored to him or her; otherwise, it shall be returned to the accused person, personally, and not to any attorney, agent, factor, or clerk of the accused person, except upon special order of the Mayor after all liens and claims in favor of the municipality have first been discharged and satisfied.
(R.C. § 737.31)
    Disposition of unclaimed or forfeited property held by Police Department; regulations, see § 130.17