(A)   The circulator of an initiative or referendum petition, or his or her agent, shall, within five days after the petition is filed with the Clerk, file an itemized statement, made under penalty of election falsification, showing in detail:
      (1)   All moneys or things of value paid, given or promised for circulating the petition;
      (2)   Full names and addresses of all persons to whom the payments or promises were made;
      (3)   Full names and addresses of all persons who contributed anything of value to be used in circulating such petitions; and
      (4)   Time spent and salaries earned while circulating or soliciting signatures to petitions by persons who were regular salaried employees of some person who authorized them to solicit signatures for or circulate the petition as a part of their regular duties.
   (B)   The statement provided for in division (A) of this section shall not be required from persons who take no other part in circulating a petition than signing declarations to parts of the petition and soliciting signatures to them.
   (C)   The statement shall be open to public inspection for a period of one year.
(R.C. 731.35) (Rev. 2002)