(A)   Ordinances and other measures providing for the exercise of any powers of government granted by the Constitution or delegated to the municipality by the General Assembly may be proposed by initiative petition. Such initiative petition must contain the signatures of not less than 10% of the number of electors who voted for Governor at the most recent general election for the office of Governor in the municipality.
   (B)   When a petition is filed with the Clerk, signed by the required number of electors proposing an ordinance or other measure, the Clerk shall, after ten days, transmit a certified copy of the text of the proposed ordinance or measure to the Board of Elections. The Clerk shall transmit the petition to the Board, together with the certified copy of the proposed ordinance or other measure. The Board shall examine all signatures on the petition to determine the number of electors of the municipality who signed the petition. The Board shall return the petition to the Clerk within ten days after receiving it, together with a statement attesting to the number of such electors who signed the petition.
   (C)   The Board shall submit the proposed ordinance or measure for the approval or rejection of the electors of the municipality at the next general election occurring subsequent to 90 days after the Clerk certifies the sufficiency and validity of the initiative petition to the Board. No ordinance or other measure proposed by initiative petition and approved by a majority of the electors voting upon the measure in the municipality shall be subject to the veto of the Mayor.
   (D)   As used in this section, CERTIFIED COPY means a copy containing a written statement attesting that it is a true and exact reproduction of the original proposed ordinance or other measure.
(R.C. § 731.28) (Rev. 2011)