(A)   So long as the municipality has not provided for the appointment of an Administrator under R.C. § 735.271 or a substantially equivalent municipal ordinance, a Street Commissioner shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Legislative Authority for a term of one year. He or she need not be a resident of the municipality at the time of his or her appointment, but shall become a resident thereof within six months after his or her appointment and confirmation, unless the residence requirement is waived by ordinance. Vacancies in the office of Street Commissioner shall be filled by the Mayor for the unexpired term.
   (B)   The appointment of a Street Commissioner shall include a probationary period of six months. If an appointment is made for an unexpired term, and if the same Street Commissioner is reappointed at the end of that term, the probationary period shall continue into his or her next term. No appointment is final until the appointee has satisfactorily completed his or her probationary period. If the service of the appointee is unsatisfactory during the probationary period, he or she may be removed by the Mayor and the reasons for the removal shall be communicated to the Legislative Authority. If a person is appointed to successive terms as Street Commissioner, he or she shall serve only one six month probationary period during those successive terms.
   (C)   The Marshal shall be eligible to appointment as Street Commissioner.
(R.C. § 735.31) (Rev. 1999)