General Provisions
   35.01   Definitions
   35.02   Annual audit; financial statements
   35.03   Contracts and purchases; bidding and other requirements
   35.04   Orders or warrants for money; contracts; expenditures; requirements
   35.05   Claims and accounts payable
   35.06   Collection of special assessments; procedure
   35.07   Special assessment fund
   35.08   Sinking funds; gifts of money or property
   35.09   Deposit of funds
   35.10   Certificates of deposit; time deposits; conditions
   35.11   Investment and use of surplus funds
   35.12   Bond issues
   35.13   Debt collection; authority to contract with collection agency
   35.14   Credit cards; authority to accept
Annual Budget
   35.25   Fiscal year
   35.26   Budget procedures
   35.27   Expenditures prior to adoption of budget
   35.28   Proposed budget statement; contents; availability; correction
   35.29   Proposed budget statement; hearing; adoption; certification of tax amount
   35.30   Adopted budget statement; filing; certification of tax amount
   35.31   Appropriation bill
   35.32   General Fund
   35.33   Transfer of funds
   35.34   Budget revision
   35.35   Proprietary functions; fiscal year; budget statements; filing; hearing; adoption; reconciliation
Tax Levies
   35.45   Property tax levy for general revenue purposes
   35.46   Levies for other taxes and special assessments
   35.47   All-purpose levy; extraordinary levies; allocation; abandonment
   35.48   Property tax levy; maximum; authority to exceed
   35.49   Property tax levy; certification of amount; collection
   35.50   Property tax request; procedure for setting
   35.51   Property tax request; increase by more than allowable growth percentage; procedure for setting
   35.52   Motor vehicle fee