Village Property
   92.01   Definitions
   92.02   Streets, alleys, walks, malls, and other improvements
   92.03   Maintenance and control
   92.04   Regulation of obstructions
   92.05   Regulation of snow, ice, and other encroachments
   92.06   Permitted use of public street space
   92.07   Poles, wires, and pipe lines
   92.08   Dangerous stairways and entrances
   92.09   Excavations and exposures; barricades and lights
   92.10   Guttering and eave spouts
   92.11   Prohibited obstructions
   92.12   Trees in sidewalk space
   92.13   Overhanging branches
   92.14   Signs and canopies
   92.15   Cutting into paving, curb, or sidewalk
   92.16   Heavy equipment
Sale and Acquisition of Property; Public Works
   92.30   Sale and conveyance; real property
   92.31   Sale and conveyance; personal property
   92.32   Acquisition or construction of public buildings; election requirements
   92.33   Acquisition of real property; appraisal
   92.34   Acquisition of real property; public meeting; access for recreational use
   92.35   Public works involving architecture or engineering; requirements
   92.36   Special assessments for public works or improvements; notice to nonresident property owners
   92.50   Requirement to keep clean
   92.51   Use of space beneath
   92.52   Construction at owner's initiative
   92.53   Construction and repair at village direction
Streets and Alleys
   92.65   Dedication to public use
   92.66   Grading, paving, and other improvements
   92.67   Improvements without petition or creation of district
   92.68   Opening, widening, improving, or vacating
   92.69   Vacating public ways; procedure
   92.70   Crossings
   92.71   Names and numbers
   92.72   Driveway approaches
   92.73   Excavation
   92.74   Driving stakes
   92.75   Mixing concrete
   92.76   Harmful liquids
   92.77   Snow, debris, and the like on street prohibited