(a)   The Finance Director shall collect the City tax from taxpayers in the manner prescribed in this chapter, shall keep accurate records thereof and shall annually make written report to Council of all monies so received during the preceding year.  All cashiers handling City tax monies shall be subject to the direct control of the Finance Director and shall give daily accountings to the Finance Director.
   (b)   The Finance Director shall enforce payment of all City tax owing the City and shall keep accurate records for the minimum period of time as permitted by law of all returns filed by employers and taxpayers and all City tax paid, withheld and refunded, including, but not limited too, the dates and amounts thereof.
   (c)   The Finance Director is charged with the administration, collection and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the Council relating to any matter or thing pertaining to the collection of the City tax, including, but not limited to provisions for the filing and examination of returns and collection of payments.
   (d)   In any case where a taxpayer has failed to file a return or has filed a return which does not show the proper amount of City tax due, the Finance Director may determine the amount of City tax appearing to be due from the taxpayer and, in that case, shall mail to the taxpayer, with a proof of mailing, a written statement showing the amount of City tax so determined, together with interest and penalties thereon, if any.  If the taxpayer fails to pay that City tax, together with interest and penalties thereon, if any, within thirty (30) days of the proof of mailing date, the Finance Director may undertake enforcement of the provision of this chapter against the taxpayer and collection of all such amounts.
   (e)   The Finance Director shall have the power to abate or compromise any interest or penalty, or both, imposed by this chapter upon a showing of reasonable excuse or other good cause and not willful neglect.  (Ord. 135-04.  Passed 12-6-04.)