(a)   Permissible Zones. A Planned Commercial Development shall be permitted only in the Zoning Districts as found in Chapter 1145.
   (b)   Site Standards.
      (1)   A Planned Commercial Development may be permitted only on zoning lots of 5 acres or more; and
      (2)   A Planned Commercial Development shall consist of not less than two principal buildings on a zoning lot or not less than four commercial establishments within a single building; and
      (3)   A Planned Commercial Development shall be served by a public water supply and be connected to the public sanitary sewer; and
      (4)   The site for any Planned Commercial Development shall have public street frontage to construct the necessary road(s) needed to serve the development.
   (c)   Development Standards.
      (1)   Entrances and exits serving the Planned Commercial use shall be located so as to minimize any adverse effect on adjacent properties. Access driveways shall be not more than twenty-four (24) feet wide at the property line.
   (d)   Required Plans, Plats, and Procedures.
      (1)   Any applicant for a Planned Commercial Development under these regulations shall file an application with the Zoning Administrator. The application shall include all the following information:
         A.   A statement describing the general character of the intended development together with such pertinent information as may be necessary to determine that the contemplated development conforms to the requirements of this Planning and Zoning Code and the general and specific standards established herein.
         B.   A site plan indicating the arrangement and tentative location of buildings, uses proposed, open space and landscaped areas, pedestrian walkway area, parking and loading spaces and facilities, and other special features of the development plan.
         C.   Architectural elevations and perspective drawings of all proposed structures and improvements.
         D.   A landscaping plan including a comprehensive drainage plan.
      (2)   The Planned Commercial Development shall be examined and evaluated by the Planning Commission in terms of the statement of purpose contained herein and the Planning Commission may recommend such Planned Commercial Development for approval by the Council only after a determination has been made that the proposed development does in fact serve such purpose as contained in this Planning and Zoning Code.
         (Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)