(a)   Subject to subsection (e) of this section, whenever the normal operation of any development requires that goods, merchandise, or equipment be routinely delivered to or shipped from that development, a sufficient off-street loading and unloading area must be provided in accordance with this section to accommodate the delivery or shipment operations in a safe and convenient manner.
   (b)   The loading and unloading area must be of sufficient size to accommodate the numbers and types of vehicles that are likely to use this area, given the nature of the development in question. The following table indicates the number and size of spaces that, presumptively, satisfy the standard set forth in this Subsection. However, the Zoning Administrator may require more or less loading and unloading area if reasonably necessary to satisfy the foregoing standard (see Table B).
Table B: Loading and Unloading Requirements
Gross Leasable Area of Building
Number of Spaces
(see NOTE)
1,000 - 19,999
20,000 - 79,999
80,000 - 127,999
128,000 - 191,999
192,000 - 255,999
256,000 - 319,999
320,000 - 391,999
Plus one (1) space for each additional 72,000 square feet or fraction thereof.
NOTE: Minimum dimensions of twelve (12) feet by fifty-five (55) feet and overhead clearance of fourteen (14) feet from street grade required.
   (c)   Loading and unloading areas shall be so located and designed that the vehicles intended to use them can (i) maneuver safely and conveniently to and from a public right-of-way, and (ii) complete the loading and unloading operations without obstructing or interfering with any public right-of-way or any parking space or parking lot aisle.
   (d)   No area allocated to loading and unloading facilities may be used to satisfy the area requirements for off-street parking, nor shall any portion of any off-street parking area be used to satisfy the area requirements for loading and unloading facilities.
   (e)   Whenever (i) there exists a lot with one or more structures on it constructed before the effective date of this Planning and Zoning Code, and (ii) a change in use that does not involve any enlargement of a structure is proposed for such lot, and (iii) the loading requirements of this section cannot be satisfied because there is not sufficient area available on the lot that can practicably be used for loading and unloading, then the developer need only comply with this chapter to the extent reasonably possible.
(Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)