(a)   If the number of off-street parking spaces required by this chapter cannot reasonably be provided on the same lot where the principal use associated with these parking spaces is located, then spaces may be provided on adjacent or nearby lots in accordance with the provisions of this Section. These off-site spaces are referred to in this Section as satellite parking spaces.
   (b)   All such satellite parking spaces (except spaces intended for employee use) must be located within eight hundred (800) feet of the lot on which the use associated with such parking is located if the use is not housed within any principal building. Satellite parking spaces intended for employee use may be located within any reasonable distance.
   (c)   The developer wishing to take advantage of the provisions of this Section must present satisfactory written evidence that the developer has the permission of the owner or other person in charge of the satellite parking spaces to use such spaces. The developer must also sign an acknowledgment that the continuing validity of his or her permit depends upon his or her continuing ability to provide the requisite number of parking spaces.
(Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)