(a)   Unless no other practicable alternative is available, vehicle accommodation areas shall be designed so that, without resorting to extraordinary movements, vehicles may exit such areas without backing onto a public street. This requirement does not apply to parking areas consisting of driveways that serve one or two dwelling units, although backing onto arterial streets is discouraged.
   (b)   Vehicle accommodation areas of all developments shall be designed so that sanitation, emergency, and other public service vehicles can serve such developments without the necessity of backing unreasonable distances or making other dangerous or hazardous turning movements.
   (c)   Every vehicle accommodation area shall be designed so that vehicles cannot extend beyond the perimeter of such area onto adjacent properties or public right-of-way. Such areas shall also be designed so that vehicles do not extend over sidewalks or tend to bump against or damage any wall, vegetation, or other obstruction.
   (d)   Circulation areas shall be designed so that vehicles can proceed safely without posing a danger to pedestrians or other vehicles and without interfering with parking areas.
(Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)