(a)   Application Requirements. Blank applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be available at the City's principal office or other places as deemed appropriate by the Zoning Administrator.
      (1)   The application must be completed in full and shall include:
         A.   Address of the property for which the Certificate of Appropriateness is being requested;
         B.   Property owner's name, phone number, mailing address;
         C.   Tenant's name and mailing address, if applicable;
         D.   A narrative which clearly describes the proposed activity subject to Preservation Commission review.
      (2)   An application for a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be accompanied by:
         A.   Color photos of each building elevation of an adequate size, detail, and clarity for reasonable use by the Preservation Commission;
         B.   Sketches of proposed new construction facades, or changes to each exterior wall, or proposed installation or visible changes to signs, fences, and/or other visible exterior improvements. Sketches shall be drawn as near as possible to scale and be easily understandable. Sketches shall depict and fully describe using notations all proposed changes and additions, including:
            1.   Structural changes which impact the exterior of the building;
            2.   All windows and doorways;
            3.   Roof lines;
            4.   Signage;
         C.   A description of the proposed materials to be used;
         D.   A request for a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be accompanied by any applicable fees as may be directed by ordinance of Council.
   (b)   Determination of Completeness. Upon receipt of a request for a Certificate of Appropriateness, the Zoning Administrator shall make a determination the application is complete. The applicant shall be informed of any omissions to the application. The determination that an application is "complete" shall be noted on the face of the application by the Zoning Administrator. Complete applications shall be forwarded to the Clerk of the Preservation Commission.
(Ord. 032-09. Passed 5-21-09.)