(a)   Within the boundaries of any preservation district established, a certificate of appropriateness shall be required from the Preservation Commission, regardless of any other rule, regulation or law governing the same or similar matter before any owner of property used for commercial purposes may receive a zoning permit or commence work for any proposed construction, reconstruction, alteration, replacement, repair, modification, or demolition of a structure, exterior wall, or exterior architectural feature of any building or structure, including installation or visible changes to fences, signs, or other visible exterior improvements.
   (b)   Exclusions.
      (1)   Normal maintenance and repair. Now or hereafter in the preservation district, nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent any normal maintenance or repair of a structure or architectural feature which does not involve a change in material, architectural design, arrangement, or texture. At this time, no review of color is required.
      (2)   Demolition after substantial damage. Any structure that has been burned or damaged by an event not within the landowner's control and where more than fifty (50%) percent of the structure is substantially "affected," may be demolished, regardless of the building's significance.
      (3)   Emergency orders. Nothing in this section shall be construed as to prevent the alteration, change, construction, reconstruction, or demolition of any structure or architectural feature which any governmental authority designates as being unsafe or presents a dangerous condition as may be required for the public safety pursuant to any applicable City code.
         (Ord. 032-09. Passed 5-21-09.)