Council hereby declares as a matter of public policy that distinctive areas of the City where structures tend to be more than fifty (50) years of age exemplify a predominant architectural style, possess historical significance, and/or portray the early development of the City collectively contribute to the economic, cultural, and educational development of the City; further, Council hereby declares as a matter of public policy that the preservation and enhancement of such historic buildings and areas in the City is a public necessity and is required in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of the people; moreover, Council hereby declares the necessity to identify areas, places, buildings, structures, sites, objects, and works of art based upon historic, architectural, archaeological, or cultural significance related to the historical development of the City for establishment as a preservation district; finally, Council hereby declares the necessity to have a Preservation Commission and shall establish the same along with procedures for the enforcement of historic design review guidelines whereby historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources within a duly designated preservation district are afforded protection from actions that would be detrimental to their preservation, enhancement, and continued use, as well as to prevent inappropriate or incompatible construction within the preservation district. Purely residential structures are expressly exempt from regulation under this chapter.
(Ord. 032-09. Passed 5-21-09.)