In any Commercial District, the following prohibitions shall supplement the regulations set forth in the district regulations.
   (a)   Lights utilizing flashing devices, unshielded incandescent lamps, or attention- attracting lighting from apparatus of a type used by emergency vehicles will not be permitted on any premises in a Commercial District.
   (b)   Exterior displays which restrict visibility or which impede the movement of pedestrians or motor vehicles shall not be permitted on public property within a Commercial District.
   (c)   Large trash containers (roll-offs), or large donation boxes (more than 2 foot square) shall not be installed or maintained within view of the public street or thoroughfare.
   (d)   Vending machines shall not be permitted in the front of any building unless set back five feet or more from the property line.
   (e)   Number of buildings on a zoning lot. Not more than one principal detached building or structure shall be located on a zoning lot.
      (Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)