The following residential districts are hereby established:
   (a)   R-1,
   (b)   R-2,
   (c)   R-3, and,
   (d)   R-4.
   Each district is designed and intended to secure for the persons who reside there a comfortable, healthy, safe, and pleasant environment in which to live, sheltered from incompatible and disruptive activities that properly belong in nonresidential districts. Other objectives of some of these districts may be further explained in the remainder of this Planning and Zoning Code.
   (a)   The R-1 SUBURBAN RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT provides for the development of moderate and low-density, single-family residential development, and is adaptable to urban or suburban locations. It is generally located in the prime expansion areas of the City.
   (b)   The R-2 LOW-DENSITY RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT provides to preserve the fine tradition of very stable areas presently committed to moderate-density single-family residential development. This District is designed for areas having approved public water supply and sanitary sewer systems.
   (c)   The R-3 MODERATE-DENSITY RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT provides for moderate-density single-family and two-family residential development and bed and breakfast facilities. This District is designed for areas having approved public water supply and sanitary sewer systems.
   (d)   The R-4 HIGH-DENSITY RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT provides for a wide range of dwelling types, including single-family, two-family, and multi-family dwellings, and assisted living facilities, and selected neighborhood businesses. This District is designed for areas having approved public water supply and sanitary sewer systems.
    (e)    Prohibitions in All Residential Zoning Districts. The following are prohibited in all residential zoning districts:
      (1)   No travel trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or shed shall at any time be used as a dwelling, temporary or permanent; nor shall any structure of a temporary character be used as a dwelling.
      (2)   The lot(s) shall not be used for any purpose nor in any way which when allowed to continue may endanger the health, safety or welfare of occupants of adjacent lots of land or unreasonably disturb the peaceful enjoyment thereof.
      (3)   No stables, cattle yards, kennels, hog pen, fowl yard, or fowl house, cesspool, septic tank, privy vault or any form of privy shall be erected or placed on any lot of land; nor shall any live poultry, hogs, cattle, or other livestock, as one or many, or any noxious, dangerous or offensive things whether of the character of those hereinbefore mentioned be permitted or maintained.
      (4)   Except as provided in (e)(4)A. of this section, no vehicle may park in a front yard except in a driveway. No vehicle in excess of twenty-seven (27) feet shall be parked in this district. Trucks and trailers described and manufactured for or used for specific commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, wreckers, dump trucks, tracked vehicles, busses, construction vehicles, equipment vehicles and equipment carriers, bottling works delivery trucks, grain trucks and refrigerated trucks, are prohibited from parking in this district. Any vehicle (except recreational trailers and recreational vehicles) in excess of 10,000 pounds gross weight is prohibited from parking in this district. Inoperable, partially dismantled, or unlicensed vehicles and trailers shall be parked within an enclosed structure. No more than two recreational vehicles or trailers of any type, or a combination thereof, may be parked in this district on any lot unless on a driveway.
         A.   Exceptions: any type commercial vehicle, regardless of gross vehicle weight, delivering or picking up merchandise for delivery or employed in performing a repair or construction service, may park for the purpose of making such pickup or delivery, or for the duration of the period during which a repair or construction service is being performed on or to property in the area where parked.
      (5)   Accessory buildings are allowed to be constructed on any residentially zoned building lot subject to the following provisions:
         A.   No more than two accessory buildings or structures with a combined gross floor area of 1000 square feet shall be allowed on a residentially zoned building lot; and,
         B.   Accessory buildings and structures are subject to other zoning regulations applicable to the district in which they are located.
            (Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)