(a)   A Building and Zoning Department is established for the City.
   (b)   The Department shall be known as the Building and Zoning Department and shall be headed by a Zoning Administrator or such other person as may be designated by the City Manager who shall be paid such compensation as may be established according to the City pay plan as adopted by the City.
   (c)   The Building and Zoning Department shall be responsible to and under the direction of the City Manager or such other City official or department head as may be designated for such purpose by the City Manager.
   (d)   The duties of the Building and Zoning Department under the direction of a Zoning Administrator are as follows:
      (1)   To administer and enforce all the adopted or enforceable building and planning and zoning codes pertaining to the erection, addition to, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, location, use, occupancy, and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the City limits.
      (2)   To secure and maintain a realistic comprehensive system of modern codes and ordinances directed toward the planned and successful development of the City; to provide a decent, safe, and sanitary living facility for every citizen, and to establish and preserve well planned and organized growth in both the residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts of the City.  To provide a service to residents and property owners in seeking compliance to the adopted minimum standards, and avoiding, where possible, the imposition of legal sanctions and penalties, to seek voluntary compliance where possible.
      (3)   The Zoning Administrator shall be responsible to and under the direction of the City Manager or designated department director as outlined in subsection (c) hereof, for, but not limited to, the specific functions as indicated in this subsection (3) paragraphs A. through GG.  The Zoning Administrator is also responsible to the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Board of Building Appeals for all functions and assistance required in the zoning ordinances or planning ordinances, sign ordinances and building ordinances that relate to building inspectors, zoning inspectors, zoning administrators, sign code administrators, code officials, or other related jobs.  The specific functions referred to above shall be as follows:
         A.   Oversee departmental budget requirements and maintain up to date knowledge of budgeted expenditures.
         B.   Oversee personnel training and safety within the Building and Zoning Department.
         C.   Act as first source of interpretations of Building, Planning and Zoning, Property Maintenance, and Sign Codes.
         D.   Review and process applications for building, planning and zoning, and sign permits.
         E.   Cause to be maintained permanent and current records related to the Planning and Zoning and Building Codes, including, but not limited to, all maps, amendments, special and conditional uses, variations, appeals, and applications.
         F.   Conduct plan review for 1-, 2-, and 3-family dwellings.
         G.   Issue all building permits for 1-, 2-, and 3-family dwellings and issue all zoning permits.
         H.   Schedule all requested inspections. Serve as the City's Building Inspector.
         I.   Issue all certificates of occupancy, and make and maintain records thereof.
         J.   Conduct inspections of buildings, structures, and the use of land to determine compliance with the terms of the Building,  Property Maintenance, and Planning and Zoning Codes.
         K.   Maintain permanent and current records of the adopted Building, and Planning and Zoning Codes and other related material.
         L.   Provide and maintain public information service relating to all matters arising out of the Codes.
         M.   Investigate written complaints pertaining to Building, and Planning and Zoning, Property Maintenance,  and Sign Codes.
         N.   Confirm all required yard setbacks to property lines.
         O.   Notify in writing person(s) responsible for enforcing all violations of Nuisance, Building, Property Maintenance, Planning and Zoning, and Sign Codes.
         P.   Issue all zoning certificates and make and maintain records thereof.
         Q.   Forward to the Planning Commission all applications for special or conditional use permits and for amendments to the code that are initially filed with the Zoning Administrator.
         R.   Forward to the Zoning Board of Zoning Appeals applications for appeals, applications to hear original requests for variations, or other matters on which the Board is required to pass under the City's Planning and Zoning Code as amended from time to time.
         S.   Forward to the Board of Building Appeals applications for appeals, applications to hear original requests for variations, or other matters on which the board is required to pass under the City's Building, Property Maintenance, and Sign Codes as amended from time to time.
         T.   Initiate, direct, and review from time to time a study of the provisions of the Code, and make reports of his or her recommendations to the Planning Commission at least once a year.
         U.   Have prepared minutes of all meetings of the Planning Commission and cause to be maintained permanent records for all actions concerning this chapter.
         V.   Forward to the Planning Commission, copies of applications for subdivision, copies of available plats, and other pertinent information for their consideration.
         W.   Provide the Planning Commission with written reports and comments on all proposed subdivisions.
         X.   Cause to be prepared comprehensive reports of Planning Commission recommendations for submission to Council.
         Y.   Accept applications for subdivision, and cause the collection of applicable fees, and establish appropriate public hearing dates.
         Z.   Examine plats submitted and inspect premises to be subdivided for compliance with the regulations of the Planning and Zoning Code, Master Plan, Thoroughfare Plan and other pertinent ordinances or documents.
         AA.   Have continuous liaison with the City Engineer for the purpose of planning roads and public utilities to serve the subdivision in question and consider impact on existing and future subdivisions in the same drainage districts.
         BB.   Issue local permits to contractors.
         CC.    Perform the duties of Nuisance Officer for the City when nuisances exist involving buildings and land.
         DD.   Perform the Duties of ADA Coordination for the City.
         EE.    Perform such other duties as may be required by his or her superiors, or as may be found in the Planning and Zoning Code and Building Codes or other ordinance or resolution.
         FF.     Perform duties as Sign Code Administrator.
         GG.   Perform the duties of "Code Official" as designated in the Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the City.
            (Ord.  048-06.  Passed 5-15-06.)