Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of districts as shown on the Official Zone Map, the following rules shall apply:
   (a)   Centerlines of Streets and Boundaries. Unless otherwise indicated, the district boundary lines are the centerlines of streets, rights-of-way, parkways, alleys or railroad rights-of-way, or such lines extended.
   (b)   Boundaries. Boundaries indicated as approximately following section line limits, half-section and quarter-section lines, City corporate limit lines, or platted lot lines shall be construed as following such lines.
   (c)   Railroad Lines. Boundaries indicated as following railroad lines shall be construed to be midway between the main tracks. The official railroad drawings shall establish the railroad boundaries.
   (d)   Shore Lines and Water Ways. Boundaries indicated as following shore lines shall be construed to follow such shore lines, and in the event of change in the shore line shall be construed as moving with the actual shore line; boundaries indicated as approximately following the center lines of streams, rivers, canals, lakes, or other bodies of water shall be construed to follow such center lines.
   (e)   Use of Scale on Zone Map. Boundaries indicated as parallel to or extensions of features indicated in subsections (a) to (d) inclusive above shall be so construed. Distances not specifically indicated on the Official Zone Map shall be determined by the scale of the map.
   (f)   Boundaries Determined by Board. Where physical or cultural features existing on the ground are at variance with those shown on the Official Zone Map, or in other circumstances not covered by this section, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall interpret the district boundaries and order an official survey.
      (Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)