(a)   The Administrator may cause the removal of an illegal sign in cases of emergency, or for failure to comply with the written orders of removal or repair. After removal or demolition of the sign, a notice shall be mailed to the sign owner, if known, and property owner stating the nature of the work and the date on which it was performed and demanding payment of the costs of removal which shall include incidental expenses incurred by the City in connection with the sign’s removal or demolition as certified by the Administrator.
   (b)   If the amount specified in the notice as provided in paragraph (a) of this section is not paid within sixty days of the notice. The City may file suit in court to collect the costs and, to the extent permitted by law, the cost of removal or demolition may be levied as an assessment against the lot on which the sign is located.
   (c)   The owner of the lot upon which the sign is located shall be presumed to be the owner of all signs thereon unless facts to the contrary are brought to the attention of the Administrator, as in the case of a leased sign.
   (d)   For purposes of removal, the definition of sign shall include all sign embellishments and structures designed specifically to support the sign.
(Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)