Section 7.02 Franchises
   (A)   Non-City Owned or Operated Utility - General. To the extent permitted by law, no non-City owned or operated utility, including but not limited to, gas, telephone, telecommunication, cable television, water, sewer or electric, shall operate in the City without a franchise or prior permission of Council.
   (B)   Franchise Restrictions. To the extent permitted by law, no franchise or non-City owned or operated utility operating in the City shall be assignable without the consent of the Council by ordinance or resolution first advertised, and any attempted assignment without such ordinance or resolution shall be void and of no effect.
   (C)   Right to Purchase. All grants of the right to exercise a franchise made by the Council shall reserve to the City the right to purchase or lease all property of the utility used, for the operation of the utility at a price either fixed in the ordinance or resolution making the grant, or to be fixed in a manner provided by such ordinance or resolution, which price shall in no event include any value for the grant. Nothing in ordinance or resolution granting a franchise shall prevent the City from acquiring such property by condemnation proceedings or in any other lawful mode, which rights shall be in addition to those reserved in the ordinance or resolution making such grant. Upon the acquisition of such property by purchase condemnation, or otherwise, all grants shall at once terminate.