Section 4.06 Department of Management
   The Department of Management shall be under the direction and control of a City Manager. The City Manager shall be the general manager of the City and shall have those powers and perform those duties customarily held and performed by city managers. The City Manager shall be responsible to Council for the proper administration of all business, affairs and departments of the City, except for the Departments of Finance and Law. To that end, the City Manager shall be considered the chief administrative and executive officer of the City and shall have the following power, authority, and perform the following duties:
   (1)   To assist the Budget Committee in preparing the annual budget and appropriation program as directed by Council;
   (2)   To attend all Council meetings, unless excused from attendance by the Council President or by Council. He or she shall have the right to participate in Council meetings, but not to vote;
   (3)   To formulate, arrange, and execute contracts or agreements and franchises on behalf of the City, subject to approval by Council as determined by Council; except that the City Law Director and City Finance Director shall award and execute all contracts or agreements specifically pertaining to the operation and functions of their respective departments, subject to approval by Council as determined by Council;
   (4)   To recommend measures for adoption to Council;
   (5)   To see that the laws, ordinances, resolutions and other Council actions are faithfully executed;
   (6)   To appoint a subordinate as Acting City Manager in his or her temporary absence, other than an absence due to suspension. When appointment is made by the City Manager, the Acting City Manager and City Manager shall have concurrent powers and duties during the City Manager's temporary absence. Any appointment of an Acting City Manager by Council pursuant to their authority, shall supersede any appointment made by the City Manager;
   (7)   To establish traffic control in the City in accordance with a procedure established by Council;
   (8)   To generally manage and oversee the operations of subordinate departments under the Department of Management, including the prescribing of general rules and regulations therefor; and,
   (9)   To have such other powers and perform such other duties, not inconsistent with or contrary to this Charter, as Council may provide.