Section 2.02 Qualifications
   (A)    Eligibility.  No person shall be eligible to be a Council member unless he or she has been a resident and qualified elector of the City for at least one (1) continuous year immediately prior to his or her filing for office or his OR HER appointment. Council members shall continue to be residents and qualified electors of the City during their terms of office. Except as provided by this Charter, no Council member shall hold any other elected public office or employment with the City. For the purpose of this section, "employment with the City" shall mean, employed by the City of Napoleon and being compensated from this Municipal Corporation's Treasury; and, "elected public office" shall mean, "elected public office of this Municipality".
   (B)     Judge of Qualifications. Council shall be the sole and final judge of the qualification of its members as well as the sole and final judge in determining if there has been a violation thereof. Any Council member who ceases to possess, or who violates, any of the qualifications set forth in this Section shall forfeit his or her office. The failure of any Council member to maintain these qualifications shall not render void or ineffective any ordinance, resolution or other action of Council taken during the time he or she was not so qualified.