TABLE A - Street Dedication and Plat Approval
Ord. No.    Date   Description
   7-17-1873    Plat of John Lowe.
   12-22-1873    Union St. dedication.
   7-17-1882    Streets In Lowe's Addition.
   2-19-1883    Plat of W. F. Daggetts & Wm. Rennecker's Addition.
   10-5-14    Plat of Highland Second Addition.
   7-5-15    Plat of Groschner's Subdivision of Outlot  4, Phillips and  Stafford's Addition.
   10-17-17    Replat of Glenwood Cemetery.
   11-7-21    Plat of Eckber's First Addition.
   4-16-23    Plat of Conway's Subdivision of lot 1 of Montgomery's First  ddition.
11    11-22-25    Plat of Shoemaker's Subdivision of  Outlots 1 and 2 of Lowe's Addition.
164    5-19-41    Arden Court dedication.
165    6-2-41    Plat of Stelter's Addition.
209     10-16-44    Dedication of property for cemetery.
235    5-21-45    Plat of extension of Filmore St.
44    4-7-47    Plat of Ritter's Addition.
84    12-15-47    Plat of Glenwood Addition.
160    5-16-49    Plat of Glenwood Ave. between Wabash R.R. and U.S. Route 6.
205    6-6-50    Plat of Bockelman's First Addition.
269    12-3-51    Plat of Brillhart Addition.
77    4-20-53    Plat of Scherd Addition.
101    8-17-53    Plat of Richter's Park Lane Addition.
137    12-21-53    Plat of Bockelman's Second Addition.
224    7-16-56    Paul Genuit's dedication of land for street.
234    2-5-51    Dedicate alley in Heller and Donnelley's  First Addition.
275    8-5-57    Plat of Richter's Third Addition.
367    5-4-59    Plat of Anthony Wayne Acres Second  Addition.
396    3-7-60    Plat of Leifer's First Addition.
Res. 603    9-8-64    Approve plat of Northwood Subdivision.
Res. 616    10-9-64    Approve plat of Bouman's Subdivision.
661    6-7-65    Accepts plat of Anthony Wayne Acres,  Third Addition.
666    6-21-65    Accepts plat of National Industrial Park.
751    5-16-66   Accepts plat of Northcrest Addition.
789    1-16-67    Names Warren Park Drive.
816    8-7-67    Changes part of U.S. 24 to East  Riverview St. and part to West Riverview St.
844    3-18-68    Accepts plat of Anthony Wayne Acres,  Fourth Addition.
850    4-1-68    Dedication of part of Reiser St.
1089   4-16-73    Dedication of River Bend Estates' streets.
1075    2-5-73    Plat of Gerken-Hoeffel First Addition. Dedication of Gerken- Hoeffel First Addition streets.
1097    6-4-73    Plat of Harmony Acres Addition.  Dedication of Harmony Acres, streets.
1273    11-17-75    Dedication of Industrial Drive.
1017    12-20-71    Plat of River Bend Estates.
1520    10-16-78    Plat of Bauman Place, and dedication of  streets.
1584    6-4-79    Dedication of portion of Glenwood Avenue between the Route 24  bypass and the City limits to the north.
40-83    11-7-83    Plat of the Lutheran Home Addition.
43-83    11-21-83    Replat of Lot 1 of the Dunn and Lytle  Subdivision.
44-84    9-4-84    Replat of Lot 5, Northoaks Subdivision, subject to certain conditions.
48-84    10-15-84    Final plat of the Third Addition to Riviera Heights Subdivision, and
      accepting title to the public improvements  located within the addition.
15-85    2-4 85    Final replat of Lot 5, Northoaks  Subdivision.
35-85    7-1-85    Approving the subdivision of Lot 1,  Renniker’s Addition,  subject to certain  restrictions.
46-85    9-3-85    Plat of Von Deylen Subdivision.
59-86    10-20-86    Final plat of Phase 1 of the Brickyard Subdivision, subject to completion of  required items; and upon completion of  those items,  accepting title to the public  improvements located within the  subdivision.
47-87   6-15-87    Approving minor subdivision of Lot 12  park addition into two lots.
54-87    7-20-87    Approving final plat of the Fourth  Addition to the Riviera Heights Subdivision.
56-87    8-3-87    Approving minor subdivision of Lot 5 of  Thomas McCormick's First Addition.
57-87    8-3-87    Approving the subdivision of Lots 7 and 8  of the subdivision of Lot 3 of the Beck and  Schultz Subdivision.
69-87    9-21-87    Approving minor subdivision of Henry Landmark, Inc. First Addition.
74-87    10-5-87    Approving minor subdivision of part of  the last half of the southwest fractional  quarter of Section 187 Township 5 north,  Range 7 east.
76-87    10-5-87    Approving minor subdivision of Lot 17,  Barnes First Addition.
88-87    12-7-87    Approving minor subdivision of Lot 2 McConnel Subdivision of Outlot 22 Philip's and Stafford's Addition.
101-87    12-3-87    Approving final plat of Twin Oaks  Subdivision.
2-88    1-4-88    Approving minor subdivision of Brinkman  Addition.
56-88    10-3-88    Approving final plat of Second Addition to  Gerken-Hoeffel Subdivision.
71-89    10-16-89    Approving final plat of the First Addition  of Twin Oaks Subdivision.
65-90    5-7-90    Approving the replat of Lot 6 of TLR  Second Addition; replat of Lot 11 of TLR Third Addition; relocation of a portion of Independence Drive.
93-90    7-16-90    Approving final plat of Riviera Heights  Subdivision Fifth Addition.
100-90    7-25-90    Amending Ord. 93-90 concerning approval  of the final plat of Riviera Heights  Subdivision, Fifth Addition.
50-91    5-6-91    Approving the final plat of Napoleon  Industrial Park, Plat 1.
76-91    6-17-91    Approving the final plat of Beck  Subdivision.
103-91    8-19-91    Approving the final plat of the Margaret  C. Schultz Subdivision.
118-91    9-16-91    Approving a minor subdivision located on  County Road 14B within ½ mile of the City's corporation limits.
119-91    9-16-91    Approving a minor subdivision located on County Road 15 and within ½  mile of the City's corporation limits.
128-91    11-4-91    Approving a minor subdivision known as  the easterly portion of 1136 Industrial Drive.
129-91    11-4-91    Approving a minor subdivision located in  the southeast quarter of Section 19 in  Harrison Township.
  22A-92   3-16-92   Approving final plat of Knipp Subdivision.
  22C-92   3-16-92   Approving final plat of G. and B. Subdivision.
42-92    5-4-92    Approving a minor subdivision concerning  the Trestle Addition.
48-92    5-18-92    Approving a subdivision known as  Wiemken 3rd Addition.
49-92    5-18-92    Approving a subdivision known as  Wiemken 2nd Addition.
2-93     - - -    Approving the final plat of Van Hyning  Estates Subdivision.
19-93    3-15-93    Approving the preliminary plat of the  extension of Twin Oaks Subdivision.
20-93    3-15-93    Approving the preliminary plat of  subdivision filed by Napoleon Engineering and Surveying, Inc. concerning a certain  nine lot subdivision to be known as  Pleasant Valley Addition.
42-93    5-3-93    Approving the preliminary plat of Gerken Hoeffel Third Addition filed by Anthony  H. Hoeffel.
61-93    6-28-93    Approving the final plat of the Beck and  Schultz replat of Lot No.7 of the  subdivision of Lot No. 3 of Beck and  Schultz Subdivision.
99-93    10-4-93    Approving the final plat of Pleasant Valley  Addition Subdivision.
105-93    10-25-93    Approving the final plat of Detray Lot 1.
15-94    2-21-94    Approving the final plat of Twin Oaks  Second Addition Subdivision.
61-93   6-28-93   Approving final plat of Beck and Schultz replat of Lot 7 of the subdivision of Lot 3 of Beck and Schultz Subdivision.
99-93   10-4-93   Approving final plat of Pleasant Valley Addition Subdivision.
105-93   10-25-93   Approving final plat of Detray Lot 1.
15-94   2-21-94   Approving final plat of Twin Oaks 2nd Addition Subdivision.
60-94   8-1-94   Approving final plat of Gerken-Hoeffel 3rd Addition Subdivision.
93-94   11-7-94   Approving final plat of replat of part of Lot 5 and Lot 6 of original plat of Napoleon.
111-94   12-19-94   Approving final plat of replat of Lot 18 in E.T. Barns Addition.
112-94   12-19-94   Approving final plat of subdivision of part of Lot 28 in William Rennecker’s Subdivision of Outlot 8 in John G. Lowe’s Addition of Outlots.
18-95   3-20-95   Accepts dedication of Bonaparte Drive.
49-95   6-5-95   Revises preliminary plat of extension of Twin Oaks Subdivision which was approved in Motion 19-93.
82-95   9-5-95   Approving final plat of Midwest Wood Trim (MWT) Subdivision.
83-95   9-5-95   Approving final plat of Detray Lot 2 Subdivision.
90-95   9-18-95   Approving final plat of 3rd and 4th Additions to Twin Oaks Subdivision.
91-95   10-16-95   Approving final plat of MMM Subdivision.
41-96   5-6-96   Approving preliminary plat of Murray Lane Subdivision.
66-96   6-17-96   Approving minor subdivision within ½ mile radius of City.
69-96   6-24-96   Approving final plat of VanHyning Estates Subdivision 1st Addition.
103-96   10-7-96   Accepts recommendation approving preliminary plat of German Mutual Subdivision.
110-96   10-21-96   Accepts recommendation approving minor subdivision (8.547 acres) within City.
8-97   2-17-97   Accepts recommendation approving dedication plat of Bonaparte Drive-Kenjames Court Phase 1.
17-97   4-21-97   Accepts recommendation approving re-plat of Lots 1 - 14 of re-plat of Lot 3, Lutheran Home Addition (Bavarian Village).
64-97   8-18-97   Accepts recommendation approving final plat of Canal Lands Subdivision.
94-97   10-27-97   Accepts recommendation approving preliminary plat of Picket Fences Subdivision for record purposes only.
7-98   1-19-98   Accepts recommendations approving final plat of Picket Fences Subdivision (Phase 1).
31-98   3-23-98   Accepts recommendation for approval of final plat of German Mutual Subdivision.
41-98   5-18-98   Accepts recommendation approving preliminary plat of Gerken- Hoeffel 4th and 5th Addition.
51-98   7-6-98   Accepts public street and alleys as platted in the final plats of thirteen subdivisions.
Res.52-98   7-6-98   Accepts several dedicated rights of way, easements and public improvements in certain subdivisions, from 1987 through 1997.
24-99   3-29-99   Approves final plat of Picket Fences Subdivision (Phase II); authorizes performance agreement.
78-99   10-18-99   Accepts recommendation of Planning Commission to approve final plat of Riverby Subdivision; P.J. and J.  Westhaven, and G.J. Calhoun, applicants.
80-99   10-18-99   Approves final plat of Gerken-Hoeffel 4th Addition; accepts utility easements and infrastructure improvements; E.  and J.E. Hoeffel, applicants.
81-99   10-18-99   Accepts dedicated grounds for streets of final plat of Gerken- Hoeffel 4th Addition.
9-00   2-21-00   Approves final plat of Hogrefe Industrial Plat No.  1.
10-00   2-21-00   Approves final plat of Substation Subdivision.
11-00   2-21-00   Approves final plat of Wooded Acres Addition; G.F. and D.J. Hasse, applicants.
54-00   5-15-00   Approves final plat of Twin Oaks Subdivision 5th Addition; accepts utility easements.  Upriver Developers Ltd., applicant.
79-00   9-5-00   Approves final plat of Replat of Lot 2, Lankenau Subdivision.
107-00   9-18-00   Approves final plat of Heritage Town Center Subdivision.
108-00   10-2-00   Approves replat of subdivision of Lot 3, German Mutual Subdivision.
48-01   5-21-01   Approves final plat of Michaelis Lot Split Subdivision.
44-02   5-20-02   Accepts conveyance of private street property by quit-claim deeds; designating Fairview Drive as a public street.
  51-02   6-3-02   Accepts dedicated easements, r-o-ws and public improvements for Picket Fences Subdivision, Gerken Hoeffel 4th Addition, Twin Oaks 5th Addition and German Mutual Subdivision of Lot 3.
52-02   6-3-02   Accepts dedicated streets in Picket Fences Subdivison, Picket Fences Subdivision - Phase II, Gerken Hoeffel 4th Addition and Twin Oaks 5th Addition Subdivision.
78-02   6-17-02   Accepts dedicated streets (Bonaparte Dr.  and KenJames Court) in KenJames Court Condominiums Development Phase 1 and 2 Dedication Plats.
  79-02   6-17-02   Accepts easements, r-o-ws and public improvements in dedication plats known as Bonaparte Drive - KenJames Court Phase 1 and Phase 2.
06-03   2-17-03   Accepts dedication of Lynn Ave.
  16-03   3-17-03   Accepts dedicated r-o-ws, easements and public improvements for Gerken-Hoeffel 4th and 5th Addition.
  39-03   4-21-03   Accepts waterline along Beckham St. and within a 25-ft. easement on W. boundary of Picket Fences Subdivision to where it extends into rural Henry County.
50-03   5-17-03   Accepts Cambridge St. in final plat of Picket Fences Phase III.
  51-03   5-19-03   Accepts dedicated r-o-ws, easements and public improvements for Picket Fences Subdivision Phases II and III.
52-03   6-2-03   Accepts Commerce Drive between S.R. 424 and RR crossing in Replat of Napoleon Commerce Park-Plat 1.
  53-03   5-19-03   Accepts r-o-ws, easements and public improvements in Replat of Napoleon Commerce Park-Plat 1.
  115-04   11-1-04   Accepts r-o-ws, easements and public improvements in Picket Fences Subdivision Phase IV.
116-04   11-1-04   Accepts Oxford and Cambridge Sts. in final plat of Picket Fences Phase IV.
142-04   2-7-05   Accepts Commerce Dr. in Napoleon Commerce Park Plat II.
  143-04   2-7-05   Accepts r-o-ws, and utility easements, including buffer zone, in Napoleon Commerce Park Plat II.
  59-05   6-6-05   Accepts r-o-ws, and utility easements in plat of Gerken-Hoeffel Sixth Addition.
60-05   6-6-05   Accepts Clairmont Ave. in Gerken-Hoeffel Sixth Addition.
057-07   7-2-07   Accepts Appian Ave. (in Replat of Meyers Replat of Lots 24 & 25 and Part of Lots  23 & 26 of E.T. Barns 1st Addition).
  074-07   9-4-07   Accepts dedicated r-o-ws and utility easements with plat known as “Twin Oaks 6th Addition” (a major subdivision).
075-07   9-4-07   Accepts Williamsburg Ave. in plat of “Twin Oaks 6th Addition” (a major subdivision).
  035-08   5-5-08      Accepts dedicated r-o-w-s and utility easements associated with the plat know as “Picket Fences Phase V” a major subdivision.
036-08      5-5-08      Accepts extension of Oxford Street as found in the plat of “Picket Fences Phase V”, a major subdivision.
  041-08   5-19-08   Accepts dedication of the lift station from the Henry County Hospital.
009-09      1-19-09   Accepts dedication of a part of Clarmont Avenue as identified in a plat known as the “Clairmont Avenue Right-of-Way Dedication Plat”.
  046-17   8-7-17      Authorizing the City Manager to dedicate a portion of City owned property as right of way for the Industrial Drive Street Improvements Project, P.I.D. Number 102253.
043-20      11-2-20   Accepts dedication of a section of Clairmont Avenue between Briarheath Avenue and Westmoreland Avenue.