1335.29 VARIANCES.
   (a)   When requesting a permit, the applicant may apply to the Administrator for a variance from certain requirements of this Sign Code. A variance may be granted by the Administrator when the Administrator finds the literal application of the Code would create a particular hardship for the sign user and all the following criteria are met:
      (1)   A literal application of the Code would not allow the property to be used at its highest and best use as zoned.
      (2)   The granting of the requested variance would not be materially detrimental to the property owners in the vicinity.
      (3)   Hardship caused the sign user under a literal interpretation of the Code is due to conditions unique to that property and does not apply generally to the City.
      (4)   The granting of the variance would not be contrary to the general objectives of this Code and the land use plan.
   (b)   In granting a variance, the Administrator may attach additional conditions and requirements necessary to carry out the spirit and purpose of this code in the public's best interest.
(Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)