(a)   The City may promulgate other rules and regulations not inconsistent herewith, pertaining to the collection and disposal of solid waste, garbage, refuse, rubbish, yard waste, hazardous waste, and all other waste herein mentioned or not, as may be deemed advisable.
   (b)   The City may establish rates for exceptional classifications not herein provided for. Collections may be discontinued whenever it shall appear that a person receiving service has violated any of the provisions of this chapter or any of the rules and regulations provided for herein, or has failed to pay the charges for service billed to him. Sanitation Department collection crews will carry information tags to place on container advising of infractions of the rules and regulations when a violation is found. However, the failure to place an information tag on the container does not bar prosecution of a violation.
   (c)   The Board of Public Affairs, in and for the City, shall recommend rules and regulations governing the disposal and dumping at a yard waste collection site of the City that may be adopted by resolution or ordinance of Council. Any rules and regulations in effect prior to the adoption of this chapter shall remain valid. Said rules and regulations shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the yard waste site and shall be filed with the office of the City's Finance Director. Said rules and regulations shall be strictly complied with by all persons. It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to fail to comply with the rules and regulations so established.
   (d)   The City Manager or his designated agent of the City shall enforce this chapter and make all reasonable effort to discover alleged violators, notify the proper prosecuting authority whenever the City Manager has reasonable grounds to believe that a violation has occurred, act as a complainant in the prosecution thereof, and aid officers to the best of his ability in prosecutions. The City Manager shall direct the employees of the City's Sanitation Department to make the investigations and inspections.
(Ord. 28-95. Passed 4-3-95.)