Bags, tagged bags or containers holding bags or tagged bags shall be placed at the curb located in front of a customer's residence for residential establishments, and along the alley located off the customer's premises or other specified location for commercial establishments utilizing residential service who desire to be on the City's bag refuse service. Sanitation department personnel cannot enter residential or other buildings for the purpose of refuse pickup. Containers if used as bag holders will be returned to the place of pickup, with lids replaced. In the event of a situation not covered by the above, placement of containers may be determined by mutual agreement of the Operations Superintendent and the resident, subject to the approval of the City Manager. Refuse and Recycling containers placed at the curb in front of a customer's residence are to be removed from the curb by the end of the next day immediately following the customer's scheduled pickup day.
(Ord. 083-20. Passed 2-1-21.)