Plastic bags must be used for garbage, refuse or rubbish and shall be properly tagged, except as permitted in Section 925.13, and shall not exceed 30 gallons each in capacity. The weight of the bag and contents shall not exceed 25 pounds. Paper sacks, cardboard boxes, and fiber drums are not approved type garbage or refuse containers. Unapproved containers will be left untouched by collection crews. Where the subscriber chooses to use a bag holder, a clean refuse can, not to exceed 35 gallon capacity, may be used. When the bag is filled, it shall be tied securely for pickup. Broken glass or sharp objects shall be wrapped in newspaper before placing in plastic bags or liners and in such a manner as to avoid puncturing and injury to collection personnel. Plastic bags not properly tagged may be either left at the place found or picked up at the discretion of the Operations Superintendent or his or her designee; however, when found at the curb site or normal pickup area, it shall be deemed placed there by the subscriber for the purpose of pickup by the collection crews. Because of the additional labor involved in tracking and invoicing a picked up untagged bag, the cost of such service, when picked up, will be twice the normal tag rate. The amount will be invoiced or placed on the subscriber’s utility bill.
(Ord. 088-08. Passed 12-8-08.)