All residential establishments that generate garbage, refuse or rubbish shall exclusively be subscribers to the City's sanitation service for the purpose of residential pickup. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, private persons may remove for disposal from a dwelling or residential establishment, and transport along or over any public street or alley, only those items of miscellaneous waste listed in Section 925.09 not included in the regular service of the City, provided that the vehicle being used to transport the items is constructed or covered so as to prevent the material from blowing or falling onto any street, alley, or other public or private place in the City. Such vehicle being drawn or driven over the public streets or alleys of the City shall not be loaded above a point that will result in any portion of the contents being spilled or dropped therefrom.
   No person, firm or corporation will be issued a new or renewal license for hauling from residential establishments within the City as such hauling is prohibited.
(Ord. 28-95. Passed 4-3-95.)