All junk yards within 1,000 feet of a street or highway within the City, shall be screened from view as follows:
   (a)   By an opaque fence or solid wall ten feet high constructed of standard fencing materials, the fence to be neat and maintained in a neat condition; or
   (b)   By a live screening of plants, trees, and hedges ten feet in height.
   (c)   If such yard or center is screened by the contour of the land or by buildings, then no fencing will be necessary.
   (d)   If it is not practical or economically feasible by reason of topography, as determined by the City Manager, to obscure the view of a junk yard established on or before April 1, 1995, from any street, alley, or highway, the City Manager shall require suitable plantings, or a practical and appropriate barrier not less than ten feet in height, to partially obscure the view of such junk yard from such streets, alleys, or highways.
   (e)   Any requirements found in this section shall be minimum requirements that are in addition to any other requirements established in the Zoning Code which is Part 11 of the Codified Ordinances and the Ohio Revised Code.
      (Ord. 93-05. Passed 10-3-05.)